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A little lunch

Today was a lovely day! John left early to go to work- but he had to be there until very late this evening. So, he came home for a little while in the middle.  We decided to have lunch together. I think this worked out better than when he is home in the mornings. (Of course I am sure that John did not appreciate getting out so early and all the running around.)

Anyway, we went to Minado, which is a Japanese sushi buffet. When you first walk in there is a large fish tank which Genevieve loves! As soon as she saw it she began to shriek with excitement. Luckily they didn’t seat us to close to it, or else we would have had to constantly get up to bring her to see the fish!


We had lots and lots of sushi. My favorite was one that had some sort of crunchy things in it. I have no idea what it was called or what the crunch consisted of. It just happened to be very yummy. The hot food was also pretty good and so was the ice cream- green tea and vanilla swirl for me!

The best part of lunch was spending time with my family. It doesn’t get any better than that!



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This evening as I stood with Genevieve at the bathroom sink I looked up to see her stretching her little neck all the way up so that she could see her reflection in the mirror. When she finally got a glimpse of herself, Genevieve’s face lit up and her little cheeks puffed out as she smiled one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen.

In that moment I realized that she was seeing herself as God created her- breathtakingly beautiful and in His image. She was seeing herself as God sees her, as His perfect creation. She is fearfully and wonderfully made and she is His.

My soul cried out to the Lord, there at the mirror, that as Genevieve grows older she would always be able to look at herself and know the joy that comes from being a child of God. I pray that she would not look at herself and see imperfections, but that she would instead see one who has been created  by God.  He formed her and she is His workmanship.

We can all learn a little something from Genevieve tonight. Next time you look into the mirror, smile.  And know that you are God’s beloved.

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A Busy Day

Today was a busy day for Genevieve. We took a ride to the mall with Nana and Tita. Genevieve actually stayed in her stroller for quite awhile and let us shop. That was a nice surprise.


We stopped for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Genevieve sat pretty nicely in the booster seat. It was much better having her in the booth with us. That is a pretty busy restaurant and it is probably not the best idea to have babies in the aisles!
img_1158 img_1159

Of course we made a stop at the carousel. By that time I think Genevieve was ready for a nap so she wasn’t all that excited. We sat together on the spinny thing and Genevieve just relaxed and took it all in.



That evening we went over to Deb’s house for dinner.

Well, not this Deb… but I forgot to take a picture of Debbie! And she was the hostess! I did manage to get some pictures of Genevieve with Uncle Pete, Grandpa, Grandma and Jimmy.


And if you know Genevieve’s grandpa, you know that capturing him on film is not always the easiest task! (can you say hairy pickles… or was it fuzzy pickles???) Anyway, to illustrate my point, take a look at the following photo also taken that night.


Need I say more?

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Shopping Around

After being stuck in the house all week because of the cold, Genevieve and I were ready to get out. Luckily the temperature reached a balmy 42 degrees today! We took advantage of that and took a little trip to Barnes and Noble. Genevieve had a ball, but unfortunately all I could capture was her running away from me- which is just about what she did the entire time! She got her hands on this little Valentine’s Day dog and ran wild in the store. I guess she was glad to be free!


And since it was soooo sunny and warm, of course Genevieve needed some sun protection for her eyes.


Yeah, she’s cool 😉

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Playing Around

Genevieve has really been enjoying her drum. She loves to take out all of the instruments and shake them. She also loves to hit the drum with the drum sticks. Today she found a new use for her drum…

Genevieve in her drum

Of course, she could have simply sat in her nice, comfy pink chair as she did earlier.

But why, when the drum is soooo much more comfortable!

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So we got these cute little bins to keep Genevieve’s books in. (Actually Nana picked them up for us. Thank you!)


What a great idea, right? Well yes, if you don’t mind having every book that Genevieve owns sprawled across the floor!

img_1135 img_1137

But she looks do darn cute doing it! Doesn’t she?


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Spending time with titi

Today was our first day back at The Little Gym since before Christmas. Since Titi had off, she came with us. Genevieve was glad to be back. She has a lot of fun there. She loves hanging from the bars, tumbling and just being free to explore. After the class we went home and Genevieve spent some time with her titi. Here is a picture of Genevieve and Titi hanging out with Raffi:


Yes, Genevieve likes Raffi now. Yea!! We were worried that we might have to send him back if Genevieve remained afraid of him. Genevieve LOVES the music that it plays. It is really corny, but for some reason Genevieve can’t get enough of it. She presses the button over and over and then stands there dancing. She can get on and off by herself now and she is starting to rock it by herself as you can see in the picture! 


Even more than Raffi, Genevieve loves spending time with her titi. She makes Genevieve laugh a lot! Here are a couple of shots of them together on Christmas Eve. You can see how much fun they have together!


img_09621 img_09641

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