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Sunshine and Cacti


Well, after resigning myself to the fact that Genevieve just could not walk properly in her Uggs, I decided to give it one more shot.  I had not attempted to put them on Genevieve for weeks, but then I saw another little girl walking just fine in her Uggs. So I got them out again for a second try. When I could not get Genevieve’s little foot to sit properly in the boot I knew something was wrong. So I stuck my hand inside and lo and behold there was the problem- a little pink sock stuffed into the toe of the shoe! I checked the other boot and yes, there was a sock in that shoe too! Once we took the extra socks out the shoes fit fine and Genevieve can walk in them with no problem!! (I don’t think that the ankle support is great though…) All Winter long… and I didn’t realize it…. Needless to say, I felt pretty dumb. Don’t worry, she has worn them every day since! Haha…

Today was a beautiful, sunny day. I think Genevieve needed her sunglasses as she lounged in her beach chair!


We were having a grand old time relaxing in the backyard with Pop Pop… until Genevieve decided to take a dive into the cactus plant! Well, it was more like a little stumble. She didn’t cry, so I thought that everything was OK. Still I took her inside to wash her hands and check to see that she was not hurt. I didn’t see anything so we went back out to enjoy some more sunshine.

Well, thank God for the sunshine because it was in that glorious light that I noticed tiny red prickly things all over Genevieve’s hands. They were so small that I missed them inside. I got out as many as I could from Genevieve’s hands but then she kept touching her leg. When I lifted up her pants I saw little red marks all around Genevieve’s knee, where she had fallen. The little red prickly things had gone through her pants! I got all of those out as well… Poor Genevieve! Those things stick to everything. All afternoon I kept finding them on me too. They even went through my jeans!

On the bright side, if that had not happened, I never would have captured this cuteness!



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Genevieve and I checked out the Madagascar exhibit at the Bronx Zoo this week.  Actually, I think that the lemurs were checking us out too!


I could not believe how close we were to them. There was no glass separating us! It was pretty cool. Genevieve loved looking at them- she also loved running around and touching EVERYTHING!


Of course we had to also go see the giraffes. There was a baby giraffe there with its mama. It was really cute. It was a little cold for the giraffes so they were indoors- which was great  for us because we got to see them up close.


I can’t wait for Spring!!! (in name and in temperature, I mean!) Although I must say, I love my little snow bunny!


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This afternoon I listened to the Focus on the Family broadcast Abraham Lincoln: The Faith of a President. It is a recording of a message by Rev. D. James Kennedy and it covers the incredible journey of faith of President Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Kennedy tells stories from President Lincoln’s life in this very powerful and poignant message.

I highly recommend that you listen to this two part broadcast. President Lincoln’s life was marked by tragedy and triumph and Dr. Kennedy shares about this remarkable life, highlighting the events that shaped his faith in God.

This is not the stuff that you learn in school- if only it was!

Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 of this incredible message. Go listen!!!

Abraham Lincoln: The Faith of a President (Part 1 0f 2)

Abraham Lincoln: The Faith of a President (Part 2 of 2)

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You are 15 months old and so much fun! I thought that I record some of the things that you have been doing lately and what you love!

You love talking! You say lots of words and you repeat everything we say. You especially like to say things that make us laugh, like whoa!, and what, what! (after Daddy says, Can I get a what what?)


You love music- singing to it, dancing to it or playing it. You are always pressing the buttons on your toys to get some music to play. You love shaking your maracas to the beat.

You love CLIMBING! (but I don’t love it when you climb!) You just started to climb up on the couches and the chairs. You look so proud when you are sitting on the couch after you have climbed up on it.

You love to give us hugs and kisses. And we love receiving them! You kiss Ernest’s picture each night before bed as we pray for him. You are very sweet and loving.


You love to close the door on people as they leave the house! I don’t know why you enjoy that so much, but you do! You say bye bye as you do it. You like to hang up the phone too.

You love your daddy. You get very sad when he leaves and you are super excited when he comes home- if you are still awake.


You love jewelry! You love wearing your name bracelet and your bangles. You love pointing out other people’s necklaces and trying them on.

You love books. You especially like books that have pictures of animals. You can identify lots of animals and the sounds that they make. When we read books together we like to talk about what is happening and you point out things on the pages.  You bring over books for me to read to you all day long!


You love to move! You never sit still! So when I do get a little snuggling in with you I really appreciate it… but it never lasts too long! Pretty soon you are on the move again.

I love you Booper!


Your Mama

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The following is from the book:

Childhood Vaccinations

Lauren Feder, M.D.


Natural Treatment to Strengthen the Immune System

Administer the following list of remedies 7 days before and after the shot for general strengthening of the body.

  • Black Currant (a gemmotherapy herbal preparation for general strengthening) can be given on alternate days with Briar Rose
  • Briar Rose (a gemmotherapy herbal preparation for children’s ailments and immue strengthening


  • Vitamin C (less than 2 years of age: 100 mg once daily- over 2 years old: 250 mg once a day)
  • Juice Plus or other whole-food nutritional products or natural children’s vitamin


  • Natural general immune strengthener for children

The following homeopathic medicines can be taken the day of the shot:

  • Ledum palustre 30C- for puncture wounds; 3 pellets 1 hour before shot, and 2 doses after the shot (every 12 hours)
  • Arnica montana 30C- for local swelling and soreness; 3 pellets given twice a day for 2 days following the shot
  • Thuja occidentalis 30C- a general medicine for vaccine effects; 3 pellets twice a day for 3 days following the shot
  • Chamomilla 30C- for fussiness following the shot; 3 pellets as needed
  • Constitutional remedies- Homeopathy and other forms of holistic medicine can offer a remedy that is chosen specifically for your child to help strengthen or maintain health when needed. Consider seeing a practitioner in your area.

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Fun Stuff

My blogging is definitely directly related to how well Genevieve goes to sleep at night. Daylight savings time really did a number on us and as you can tell from the lack of posts, sleeping hasn’t been great! I have been waiting to put up some pictures from this weekend all week!

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we took a little trip to the Queens Zoo. Genevieve had a really nice time. She really loves looking at the animals. We brought her stroller inside the zoo with us, but Genevieve didn’t sit in it once! Tita and I took turns carrying her around and Genevieve couldn’t have been happier!


We started out at the petting zoo (no petting here!!) and that was really nice because the animals came right up to us- looking for food. Then we went over to the regular part of the zoo. Good news- I survived my first trip to the Queens Zoo without getting pooped on! I was really excited!

The ducks were cute…


Did you know that ducks eat Cheerios? They do! (not ours, by the way…)

Genevieve couldn’t take her eyes off of all the animals- not even for a picture!


Sunday was John’s cousin Chris’ 40th birthday party AND Genevieve’s first time riding forward facing in her car seat! Yea! She loved the new vantage point. She looked like such a big girl!

img_1478Chris got some funny presents…


Genevieve is getting ready in advance for the big 4-0!


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Jesus Calms the Storm

The storm wasn’t too big for Jesus…

After a day spent ministering to people, Jesus and His disciples got into a boat and sailed out on the lake. While Jesus was sleeping, a furious storm came upon them. In the midst of the storm, Jesus continued to sleep. His disciples, some of them fishermen by trade, could not rest peacefully as Jesus was. Desperate and fearing for their lives, they cried out to Jesus. It was too much for them to handle on their own.

But it wasn’t too much for Jesus to handle…

The winds must have been raging, the waves crashing. The disciples thought that it was the end for them. They must have felt helpless, powerless… This storm was too big for them.

But it wasn’t too big for Jesus.

All it took was a word from Him… Just as how with a word He created heaven and earth. Quiet! Be still! Just a word and there was calm. There was peace.

How often do we face storms in our lives- storms that are just too big for us. Storms that make us fearful or that take away our peace.

Those storms aren’t too big for Jesus.

If only we could remember that He commands the winds and the waves. Instead of running around the deck of the ship, panicking and crying out for our lives, what if we just crept back to the stern and crawled in beside Jesus? What if we just lied down next to Him, our head on His pillow and snuggled up against Him? Wouldn’t He, the maker of heaven and earth, take care of us? Wouldn’t He give us His peace?

There is no storm that is too big for Jesus.

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