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Weekend Stuff!


It was sunny and hot this weekend- so that meant time to break out the sunhat! I just love the simple white ones! I think Genevieve looks so adorable in it.


On Saturday we spent the day with Tita- we had lunch outside on bench on Seventh Street and then we walked around. We looked at all the tulips and we listened to a banjo player. It was so nice to enjoy the outdoors.


After that we went to Gymboree for Noah’s 2nd birthday party. Genevieve loved climbing and playing. It was a lot of fun.



Noah had the greatest cupcakes at the party. There were a few different animals. Genevieve had a penguin. Aren’t they cute! The icing was marshmallow!



On Sunday we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. Then we met Genevieve’s cousin Jonah, Aunt Linda and Uncle Thomas and we all went to walk on the boardwalk at the Sunken Meadow Park. Luckily we spent $65 on the Empire Passport to gain admission to the park- only to find out that admission was free that day.

Anyway, we walked on the boardwalk- it was super hot out. We didn’t last too long! There wasn’t much of a breeze there.


Then we took Genevieve and Jonah over to the playgound. Genevieve loves those swings!! Here she is with Daddy- getting ready to go down the slide. After all that Genevieve passed out in the car within 30 seconds from all the excitement!


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No silver bells in this garden… just lettuce and broccoli!! (So far)

And so the experiment begins. How it will turn out, nobody knows! This morning my dad and I planted the beginnings of my vegetable garden. I actually enjoyed it and I am looking forward to adding some more veggies!


Here are the plants before we put them in the ground. The broccoli is on the left and the romaine on the right. There is Genevieve’s pink watering can in the background!

dsc_0214 dsc_0215

And here they are planted and watered. I think my job will be easy for the next few days because we are expecting lots of rain. I am not sure exactly what else I want to plant. I am thinking about tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers and peas or green beans. Now I just have to get those pesky cats to stay away!

dsc_0179And here is my silly little girl! She loves being outside and running around…. and making silly faces!

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Things don’t always go as planned… and that is a good thing! We intended on going to the Bronx Zoo this afternoon but it seemed like everything was just getting in the way of us getting there. So when we drove up to the gate and were turned away because the parking lot was full we moved on to Plan B- for Botanical Gardens! Oh and I am so glad that we did.

It was just a beautiful day and the New York Botanical Gardens were absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to go back now in a few weeks when all the tulips will be in bloom. Genevieve loved running around and I loved taking her picture while she did so!

John and I walked and walked all day long and by the end of the day we were both exhausted. So exhausted we even passed up the ice cream we were planning to have! Ha!

Aren’t these pictures of Genevieve just beautiful! These two are my favorite of the day.


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Happy Easter!


Here is Genevieve in her jammies on Easter morning. John got me a new camera for my birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day… gift! I LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot believe how much better our pictures are looking already. John took this picture of Genevieve and it is one of the first smiling pictures we have been able to capture!

We had breakfast and headed out to church which was being held at Adelphi University. We found great seats towards the side where Genevieve had room to dance around during worship. She loves the music and praising God. It was the first time in a long time that I got to sit and listen to the message. Genevieve sat so quietly and still eating her Cheerios. I took her outside for the very end though.


It was a beautiful, sunny day, but it was SO cold. The wind was really strong. We stopped to take a few pictures outside. I am glad we did- we found  a pretty little spot!


Grandpa came with us to church. Genevieve was happy to be with her Pop pop.

Easter dinner was at our house this year! Jeri and I cooked  lots of delicious food. Now for the most important thing you have been waiting to hear about- the menu! Lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, tomato feta salad, spanakopita, and bulgur salad with green onion vinaigrette… The food was very tasty! We had a Mediterranean theme this year!

John grilled the meat to perfection! And check out those beautiful cherry tomatoes!

On Saturday Genevieve and Jean Marie baked some delicious shortbread cookies for our dessert.  It was a lot of fun. Luckily there are no eggs in the batter, so it was OK when the girls starting digging in early!


We decorated the cookies with vanilla icing. They came out very cute!


We had a great day with lots of family and friends. The best part of the day for me was when we listened to “The Easter Song” by Keith Green. I loved seeing the babies dancing to the Lord. It just touches my heart when I see Genevieve lift her hands to praise God. There is so much joy there!

After that Aunt Linda hid Easter eggs for Jonah, Jean Marie and Genevieve to find. They had lots of fun together.

Genevieve had a lot of fun opening up her Easter baskets… and standing in it too!

We had a wonderful day celebrating that Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!


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Family Worship

A few months ago I was looking for some quality children’s worship cds to play for Genevieve. I wanted something that I would enjoy listening to as well. I came across the Seeds Family Worship series. These cds are basically just Scripture that is set to music, but the nice thing is that it sounds like contemporary Christian music.

I bought the Faith cd and the Purpose cd.  I love listening to them and so does Genevieve! I am so exciting that we are memorizing Scripture through these recordings. Music really is a powerful mechanism for learning!

The cds have new packaging since I purchased them and I just read that each new package contains two complete cds. You can tear apart the packaging and give one of the cds away! I think that is an awesome idea to “spread Seeds!” I would definitely recommend this music. What better thing to fill your mind with than the Word of God?

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