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Every evening Genevieve and I follow the same routine to get her ready for bed. First Genevieve goes on the potty and then gets in her pajamas. We brush her teeth. (She scrunches up her face and pretends that she is not going to let me brush them!) Then we go and snuggle together on the couch in her room. We read the bible together and pray. Then we read The Going to Bed Book. Genevieve loves this book, especially the lion. We always roar to each other when we see him on the first page. Genevieve nurses and then lies down in her crib to sleep.

Lately I have been trying to take the Bible story that we read and pray about it over Genevieve. I bless Genevieve with the positive traits or qualities that are demonstrated in each story. I realize how powerful the spoken word is and I just want to pour blessings into Genevieve’s life.

This evening we read about Jesus calling his disciples. He said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” I began to pray that Genevieve would hear Jesus calling her to follow Him and that she would respond to that call. I prayed that she would realize what an awesome calling it is to follow Jesus and that she would allow her life to be used to bring others to the Light. What an important prayer it was and as I prayed I realized that my voice and my countenance were changing. I was praying a little more passionately tonight that I usually do in our bedtime prayers. Oh how I long for Genevieve to know Christ in an intimate way and for her life to bring glory to Him.

All of a sudden I looked up at Genevieve, who was sitting quite still next to me. (If you know Genevieve, you know that is out of the ordinary for her!) Her little hands were clasped together and eyes were tightly closed. Her tiny face was scrunched up.

It seemed as though she understood the significance of that prayer.

All of a sudden Jesus’ words came to mind. He said to his followers “This, then, is how you should pray: ‘Our father…'”

THIS is how you should pray. Jesus demonstrated to his disciples time and time again the way to pray. He taught them through example.

This evening God showed me that I am to teach Genevieve through my example how to speak to Him. It is from me that she will not only learn WHAT to pray, but she will learn HOW to pray.

Genevieve imitated what she witnessed tonight. They were not shallow, empty words that were spoken. These words came from a place deep within me that longs to see the salvation of my child. Genevieve could sense the fervency of this prayer and this was reflected in her reaction. She was directed to God. We were in the presence of the King of Kings and I truly believe that Genevieve knew it.


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I had such a nice birthday this year! Well, actually the DAY was kind of boring. John was sick so he stayed home, which I was really excited about. (him being home, that is!) I was looking forward to spending a nice day with my family, but John really was sick. It was not fun having him home, but just lying there useless! I couldn’t even talk to him! I probably should have just taken Genevieve out!

Anyway, I convinced John to come out to dinner with my parents and sister to celebrate my birthday. I am so glad he did because we ended up such a nice time! Genevieve was a pleasure. She was so well behaved. I could not believe how great she did at the restaurant. It was just a nice, relaxing evening.





Do you know why Genevieve is so happy here? It is because she is eating Cheerios! Actually we ran out of Cheerios so she is eating my Heart to Heart cereal! We still call it Cheerios though.  I don’t think that we could ever go anywhere if it wasn’t for Cheerios. We don’t leave home without them!

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Mother’s Day 2009

I always knew that I would love being a mother, but I don’t think that I could ever have imagined the depth of the love that I would feel for my little girl. It was so wonderful to be able to spend this Mother’s Day with Genevieve. We had brunch at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Then Genevieve got to play outside for a while.


Genevieve and John played with the soccer ball for a while. Genevieve loves to chase the ball around. She is happy as long as she can run!


We used all kinds of tricks to get some nice shots of Genevieve outside. She refuses to look at the camera otherwise!



Those were my two favorite pictures that we took! I just want to kiss that face every time I see them!

Then we went to see Nana and Poppop for dinner. Everyone got a little Genevieve time!!

I was just so happy to be able to spend the day with my family. There is nothing else that I would rather do!

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17 Months!


Genevieve, you are 17 months old today! You grow more beautiful every day. I feel so blessed to have shared these first 17 months of your life with you. Every day is exciting and filled with laughter. You are so bright and fun to be around. I think your favorite thing to do is to make us laugh!

At 17 months you:

  • Weigh 22 pounds and are 29 1/2 inches tall
  • Take 1 nap a day around noon
  • don’t like taking that 1 nap!
  • Wake up around 7
  • Go to sleep around 7:30
  • Sleep in your crib all night… as of 3 days ago- ha!!
  • Love to nurse- “mahp”
  • Climb on everything- You are very good at getting up on the couch
  • Like to say “sit” when you sit!
  • Tell us when you have to go on the potty- sometimes
  • Eat all kinds of food- even spicy or strong foods!
  • Know every sign I know… and even some of your own
  • Speak clearly now! You include the ending sounds of words… you can even say some polysyllabic words clearly like “elbow”
  • Repeat everything we say… uh oh!
  • Love to give kisses- but you also love to tell us “no” when we ask for a kiss!
  • Can put your socks on all by yourself
  • Have 8 teeth- 4 top front and 4 bottom front
  • Are getting your molars- the top right one has broken through
  • Like to shriek
  • Count your toes…. “one, two, dah dah dah”
  • Eat all by yourself
  • Love shoes- especially crocs!

I love you Genevieve. You are truly the most wonderful blessing from God. I thank Him every day for you and could not imagine my life without you. I have come to understand also what a blessing it is to take care of you… wiping your face, cleaning up your toys, preparing your food… I am so privileged to be able to do these things for you. I am honored to be your mother and I know that these things will only last a short while. I cannot believe how quickly these last 17 months have gone. I cherish every day that I spend with you.


Your Mama

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