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Love is patient… 1 Cor 13:4

Love is patient and suffers long. It endures without complaining. It tolerates calmly.

What does this mean to our relationship with our spouse?

It means that as we love our spouse, we allow them to be who they are. We don’t complain about them and we don’t put a time limit on them. We pour our love out upon them simply because they are ours.

My beloved is mine and I am his… Song of Solomon 2:16

We don’t love them despite their shortcomings, we love them because of them.

We stand with them no matter what.

When we feel that they they are the most unlovable, we lavish them with the most love and affection.

We set aside our expectations and choose to love no matter what.


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Pretty in Pink…

and every other color too!




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Party Time

This past weekend we were very busy with a few parties we were invited to attend.

First there was Jonah’s birthday at the White Post Farm. The party was Friday evening, after the park had already closed. We had the place all to ourselves!

Genevieve loved everything about it. She got to ride a horse for the first time. At first she didn’t like it too much…


But once the horse started moving, she warmed up and then she looked like she’d been riding her whole life. =)


The birthday boy was right at home on the horse in all his cowboy gear. Genevieve asked to ride the big horse afterward, but once she got on she realized it was a lot bigger than she thought!


We got to see a lot of animals… llamas, goats, pigs, zebras, bunnies…

DSC_0127 DSC_0130

DSC_0169 IMG_2198

There were a lot of babies at the farm. Those piglets were so cute. Look at the little one on the left! The baby goats were just born that day. They were adorable. Genevieve didn’t get too close to any of the animals, but she loved the little bunnies. She enjoyed petting their soft fur.

We gave the goats bottles of milk. They pulled really hard on the bottles and when I was feeding the goat, the milk splashed up all over my face! Yuck!


Genevieve and John took a train ride. Genevieve looked pretty serious the entire time, but John enjoyed it!


Of course we finished up the party with some birthday cake- farm themed, of course.


Sunday was dedication day! We had two to attend. Ethan was being dedicated at church in the morning. So we started our day at the Vineyard Church. Ethan was so cute in his little white romper, but I didn’t get to take a picture of him that day. This picture is from a few weeks ago and I just love it! He is so adorable and sweet.


Jean Marie’s dedication was at a restaurant in the afternoon. I thought Genevieve would sleep in between, but she didn’t. Even without a nap she did pretty well at the party.

Tom Barry did a beautiful job for Jean Marie’s dedication. Jean Marie looked like a little angel!


The children had some fun running back and forth with the balloons in front of the bar. Genevieve and Jean Marie were shrieking at each other and having a ball.


I loved Genevieve’s dress so much- and the little flower headband! We searched all over for shoes and I really like the ones we found. I thought she looked so beautiful but I didn’t really get a great picture. And in all the pictures that I took of Genevieve by herself, she didn’t have the headband on! Oh well!


It was a busy but fun weekend. And it was really wonderful to be a part of the dedications of two babies who are very special to us!


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A Baby Has Lived!

I have this feeling inside my chest that just won’t seem to go away. I never understood heartbreak before, but now I feel as if my heart has been torn apart. And now as I go about my day, there is this ever present pain in the center of my being. Even when I am happy and laughing, I feel it there.

This week we lost a baby. A baby we had yet to see or hold, but was ours nonetheless. I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that there was a life that was growing inside me that is there no more. But my heart understands it and my heart feels the pain of this loss. I hadn’t seen a sonogram or heard the heartbeat. Although I cannot fully grasp what has happened, deep within me I am mourning the loss of our child.

Yet I know my baby lives. He is wrapped in peace and glory. He is held in the arms of my Savior, the One who formed him in my womb, who knit him together. One day we will all be together.

Until that day I will find rest in the comfort of the Almighty One. For I know it was He who numbered this baby’s days. And though they were few, they were meaningful and they will not be forgotten.

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Every month seems to just fly by! I know that I say that every time, but it is true! Before we know it we are going to be celebrating Genevieve’s second birthday…. and then she will be off to college!

So…. Genevieve, at 2o months you:

  • Talk A LOT! You speak in full sentences now!
  • Use the word “I” when referring to yourself
  • Say “oh” in front of everything… At dinner you say “oh pray”
  • like to “sit on knees” at the dinner table
  • love to watch dancing and to dance. You imitate the dancers on TV. You ask to see the ballerina.
  • love Elmo
  • just got your top canine teeth in- they are just breaking through. That brings the total to 14 teeth
  • outgrew your 12-18 pedipeds, but the 18-24 month ones are too big!
  • wear 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes
  • say “I love you” or “I love mama” and “I love dada” (But you say “I love dada” more)
  • call Daddy on the phone when he is at work and tell him “I miss you.”
  • are becoming a pickier eater! You still love bread and carbs the best!
  • count to 10
  • sing “A B C D A B C, Next time won’t you sing with me”
  • your favorite song is still “hosanna highest.” You ask to hear it all the time and sometimes you sing along
  • also like “ainsi font font font” (a french song)
  • can play the black keys or white keys on the piano when Daddy asks you
  • like to play with your water table outside with Jean Marie
  • love to play with Jean Marie any time! You chase each other around and scream!
  • say “frappucino” when Daddy asks you what he gets at Starbucks
  • love to talk about your day with us when we put you to sleep
  • no longer sleep through the night!
  • like to draw with crayons and love stickers
  • can drink from a cup without spilling

We love you little Booper!


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