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Apple Prints

Genevieve and I took some of the apples we picked and did an art project. Genevieve was so excited to paint. We definitely have to do more painting around here! We cut an apple in half, painted it and pressed it onto the paper… Voila! Apple prints!




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22 Months Old!

Happy 22 months Genevieve!


Here is what you have been up to lately! You…

  • love playing with your letter puzzles. Every morning when you wake up you ask for them. You know all of the letters now and most of the sounds. You like making the sign for “a” and saying “ah.” A few days ago Daddy took you to the sign store. He said you were so excited and exclaimed, “Letters everywhere!”
  • love to play with words! You add different endings… like Jean Marie has now become Jean Maria and sometimes Jean Marina! You change the words to songs. (You even add the word “poopy” where it doesn’t belong, as in “all God’s poopy got shoes.”
  • sing all day long- the alphabet song, I’ve Got Shoes, Elmo’s Song, Ring Around the Rosie, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Don’t You Be Wastin (really called Syrup and Honey), Sing Hosanna to the King of Kings (from Give Me Oil in my Lamp)
  • wear size 5.5 shoes
  • wear size 18 and 24 months clothes
  • are SILLY, SILLY, SILLY all the time!
  • are starting to like more vegetables and fruit again. You like grapes, apples, melon, blueberries… and HATE strawberries. I think it is the texture. You used to like oranges but now you won’t eat them. You like to eat carrots, raw or cooked. You especially love to dip… ANYTHING!
  • still love bread the best.
  • love your milky time. Sometimes you ask for “a little bit of milky time.” So cute!
  • are back in our bed! My goodness- I was sleeping on the floor of your room, but I just couldn’t do it anymore! Having you in our bed is really nice now because you are so warm and snuggly. Plus, you have your own pillow, which means that you aren’t taking up all of my pillow! You still go to sleep in your own bed though.
  • will not let me out of your sight! You have suddenly become my little shadow. The moment I leave the room, you get up and follow me!
  • like to watch me cook. You pull a chair next to me and climb up so that you can see what I am doing…  cute, but not too safe!
  • give lots of kisses and snuggles.

I can’t believe that you will be 2 years old in 2 months! When I look at you, you look like a little girl, not a baby. I love you Boopers!

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