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23 Months!


Only one month to go before Genevieve is 2!

New this month…

Genevieve loves all her dolls! She plays with them all the time.  She talks to them, reads to them, and teaches them things. Yesterday Strawberry Shortcake learned how to tumble. Genevieve demonstrated the proper technique and then spotted her! Another favorite activity is dancing with Raggedy Ann. Genevieve plays the music on her doggie and then dances around the room with Raggedy Ann. (over and over again!)

Genevieve, do you ask a lot of questions, Genevieve? Yes, you do! All day long! Here are some questions that might be heard from Genevieve in a day. (and yes, she often says our name before and after the question)

  • Are you driving Dada?
  • Mama, are you naked? (no, I was not!)
  • Are you sleeping Mama? (no, but you should be!)
  • Dada, are you have cologne? (or as she says it, coyogne)
  • Mama, do you need blanket?
  • Dada, are you reading Dada?
  • Mama, are you cooking Mama?

Here are some things that are the same! Genevieve is still:

  • sweet
  • cuddly
  • soft
  • smart
  • beautiful
  • energetic
  • affectionate
  • the love of our lives!

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