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The Cure…

Genevieve and I read some of Charlotte’s Web tonight at bedtime.  We were up to the part in the story where the sheep just told Wilbur that Mr. Zuckerman was planning to kill him at Christmastime. Charlotte told Wilbur that she would save him.

Me: So Genevieve, how do you think that Charlotte is going to save Wilbur?

Genevieve: She is going to put Mederma and Vitamin E Oil on him. That will make him all better!


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32 Months

Genevieve Grace, you are 32 months old!

When anyone asks you how old you are, you proudly state two and a half. People are always stopping to talk to you. Sometimes you are very friendly and talkative, but other times  you are shy and hide behind me or daddy.

We have been going to a music class at Daddy’s store this summer and you love it. Your teacher is Miss Janet, but you like to call her Miss Jamet (even though you know how to say it correctly!) You have a lot of fun playing the instruments and singing the songs. You love the elevator song, but you call it the alligator song. Your favorite thing to do in the class though is to dance around. You are really enjoying yourself! We are still going to the Little Gym and you love it there too. For a while you refused to do the skill of the week with Evan but now you are doing everything and loving it! You are even starting to go on the balance beam. Your favorite thing to do though is probably to hang on the bars or the rings. You always go straight to them first. You like to put your feet up on the bars when you hang. You have good manners at the Little Gym and when it is time to get your stamp you ask, “may I have a stamp, please?” It makes me very happy to hear you being so polite.

We love you lots Genevieve!

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