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#17- #34

holy experience

#17. reading books to Genevieve

#18. baking gingerbread cookies with Genevieve, Jean Marie and Aunt Jeri. (and James and Charlotte too!)

#19. watching Genevieve spin and dance in shaky dresses

#20. a hot bath on a cold morning

#21. sweet Charlotte sleeping in my arms

#22. Charlotte’s long, soft fingers

#23. watching Genevieve play legos with her daddy

#24. a big mug of hot chocolate

#25. new glasses

#26. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes…

#27. pumpkin pie

#28. playing Go Fish with Genevieve

#29. mom’s cooking

#30. talking with John in the car while the little ones sleep

#32. balloons that keep little hands busy in the store

#33. the warm sun on a cold day

#34. Genevieve’s long, dark curly eyelashes


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one thousand gifts

holy experience

#1. the sound of my sweet nursling’s cry

#2. knowing God has designed me with all she needs to be nourished and soothed

#3. late night giggles of a little girl up past her bedtime

#4. spicy tuna rolls for lunch

#5. snuggling with my slumbering sweeties in the dark

#6. dinner with family

#7. cousins who love each other

#8. reading the bible before bed with Genevieve and Jean Marie

#9. nighttime snack with hubby

#10. new glasses

#11. homemade zucchini bread in the freezer, perfect for a quick breakfast

#12. Charlotte’s smiles and happy sounds

#13. the way Genevieve says the word yellow, from yehyo to lehlow to wellow

#14. Charlotte’s chubby, soft, kissable cheeks

#15.that spiral curl that falls in Genevieve’s face

#16. John coming home before bedtime

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Precious Charlotte, you are 1 month old! I cannot believe how much bigger you have gotten in just a month. Today when I was changing your diapers I was admiring your chubby little thighs with all their rolls! I love it! You have gotten so chubby that we had to switch to size 2 diapers.

What a difference a month has made. You have started to gaze at us much more now and study the world around you. When you are in your bouncy seat you will look at your toys and you even started to reach for them. You like your play mat but only in small doses. (Maybe because Genevieve always climbs in right next to you!) You consistently roll over now when we put you on your stomach. It makes it very difficult to take your picture. You are very strong and you pick your head up so high.

Charlotte, you spit up all the time!! You go through so many outfits and so do I! Thank goodness Nana has been helping us with the laundry. Sometimes I put you in a new outfit and before I can fasten the last snap you have spit up all over that one.

We are so blessed, Charlotte. I thank God for you each day. My heart is so full and I am just so grateful for you and this wonderful life that God has given me.

{love those sleepy smiles!}

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Almost three years old!

Genevieve, things have changed a lot for you this month. Your little sister is finally here! You are so in love with her. I am so excited that you were present for her birth. As she came out you stood at the edge of the pool, smiling and laughing. It was your voice that Charlotte responded to first. She turned her head and looked right at you when you spoke. Surely she recognized that voice that she heard saying “I love you baby sister” every day to her for the past nine months. You are such a wonderful big sister and a great helper to me. You help me dress Charlotte, change her diapers, bathe her… During the day we put on music and dance around the living room to put her to sleep. (You are really good at waking her up too!) I know that one day you are going to be a wonderful mommy. You talk about one day having a baby in your belly and giving her milky time.

You are still enjoying all of your activities. Your favorite place to go is definitely music class. You love Miss Janet.

Genevieve, you are very strong willed and opinionated. It is very difficult to get you dressed and ready. You have very strong feelings about what you will wear each day. Then, as soon as you get home you strip down to your underwear and a tank top and put on a tutu. Some days you put on your pink princess nightgown and other days you pull out a dress to wear. Somehow you are never cold though!

Mealtimes have been very challenging lately. You don’t enjoy staying in your seat or eating most of the time. It has been very difficult to get you to eat lately. There are some things that you love to eat though. Your favorite food to eat lately has been pancakes. We have no trouble getting you to eat those! You still love cheerios and you love to drink milk. You like to drink chocolate milk and hot chocolate too! A few days before the baby was born I took you to Starbucks and got you a hot chocolate. You loved it. You looked so cute drinking it.

You are growing up Genevieve! You weigh 29 pounds. You wear size 2T and 3T clothes and size 8 shoes. Sometimes I look at you and just marvel at how tall you are! I still think that you are my little baby.

Nighttime has been working out well now. You have your bed on the side of ours now. Usually you fall asleep in my bed since daddy isn’t home yet and then he moves you over later on. Sometimes you wake up when you hear Charlotte but you will usually just give her a little kiss and go back to sleep. You love to snuggle though. We snuggle as you go to sleep. (It is not that easy to do while holding or nursing Charlotte!) You usually end up snuggling up with Daddy at some point during the night. You still don’t like to go to sleep though. You put up quite a fight unless you are absolutely exhausted. Some days I just cannot believe how long it takes you to fall asleep even when it is really late. You will sleep in sometimes though. You never wake up before eight. Sometimes you will sleep until nine or even ten. (as long as nothing disturbs you!)

Daddy and I just adore you Genevieve. Daddy has been taking you on special dates every weekend and he really enjoys his time with you. (I get a little jealous though!) You love going out with him too. You are definitely daddy’s little girl! We both love you so much. You entertain us and keep us on our toes. You are a very special little girl and we couldn’t imagine our lives without you!


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