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94. giggles and smiles while I kiss chubby cheeks

95. the way Charlotte sticks her tongue out when she smiles

96. that dimple on her right cheek

97. slings to hold a sleeping baby close

98. the hum of a dishwasher and a clear sink

99. the hope we have in Him!  “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6

100. the way Charlotte clasps her hands together as she is falling asleep nursing

101. watching John and Genevieve cuddle as they sleep

102. freshly bathed little duckies

103. a breakfast of eggs and raspberry smoothies shared together

104. a cozy tent to snuggle up and read books in

105. the giggles of girls trying to walk through the deep snow


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Your Thoughts

How precious to me are your thoughts, God!
Psalm 139:17

Why spend time reading the Word and praying?

Because His thoughts are precious to us.

Because we long to know those thoughts more intimately.

Oh Lord, that I would view Your thoughts as a prized treasure. That nothing would stand in the way of me devoting myself to knowing You. And as I drink in those thoughts daily, let my own thoughts be transformed to reflect Yours.

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Sister Love


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Charlotte, you are 3 months old… already!

And what a glorious three months they have been! You are just the sweetest, most lovely baby! We are starting to see your personality blossom in these last few weeks. You smile all the time now, especially at your sister Genevieve. When you smile, you first open your mouth up so wide. It is so cute! I haven’t been able to get a picture of you smiling like that though. Once you see that camera come out you always stop smiling! You giggle and laugh too now. Oh, I wish I could just bottle those laughs right up. It brings me such joy to watch you laughing. Every time I look at you I can’t help but smile.

I thought I would write out what a typical day is like with you. (None are really typical though! We don’t have much of a routine or schedule!)

  • Genevieve usually wakes up first. If Daddy is home he tries to lure her out of the room before she wakes you. Otherwise she wants to say good morning to you and hug and kiss you! We lie in bed together a little longer. If I try to move a little bit, you usually wake right up!
  • Once you have  a clean diaper we go into the living room and start thinking about breakfast. I hold you or you sit in your bouncy seat while I make/eat breakfast with Genevieve. At some point you start to fuss a little and it is time for a nap!
  • Usually I put some worship music on and hold you or put you in the moby wrap while we dance around in the living room. You usually fall asleep really easily this way. You love to sleep in the moby wrap. Once I put you in and put my hand on your head so that you lay it upon my chest you fall right asleep. I love having you in there too! You are snuggled so close to me and I can get a lot done.
  • If I don’t put you in the sling then things get a little more complicated! Usually I will sit on the couch with you for a while and try to play with Genevieve. I try to read books to her while you sleep. Inevitably you are awakened by us… and by us I mean Genevieve! It could be a loud toy or her singing, but more often than not it is her trying to kiss you or touch your little hands or feet!
  • Sometimes I put you down to sleep in the bouncy chair. That usually doesn’t work out too well. Most of the time you wake up immediately but sometimes you will sleep for 20 or 30 minutes in there.
  • The rest of the day is pretty much the same routine! You play on your mat, sit in your bouncy chair or I hold you while you are awake. Then you sleep some more!
  • At night time we all go in my bed and we read the Bible together. Then Genevieve lies down in her bed and goes to sleep and we lie down, nurse and go to sleep too. Usually you wake up again after Genevieve goes to sleep and want to have some late night fun! For the past few days though, you have been going to sleep around the same time as your sister.

You are growing so quickly Charlotte. I can’t believe how long you are! When we took you to the doctor at 12 weeks you were 24 inches long and weighed 13 pounds, 12 ounces. You are wearing 3-6 months clothes. (and they fit just perfectly!)

You are getting much stronger every day. When we lie you down on your back you roll onto your side. You love to kick your legs and wave your arms around when you get really excited. You can hold your head up perfectly. You can also bear weight on your legs when I hold your hands. When you are lying on your belly you lift your head up all the way.

You like to play with your hands when you are in the bouncy seat. You look at them and clasp them together. You also like to hold soft toys and put them in your mouth.

You make lots of noises, like ah gah and you like to make gurgling noises. You are starting to drool more this past week too. We always need a burp cloth handy with you! You are still spitting up a lot, but it has gotten a lot better!

You are more and more beautiful every day. I pray that God would continue to watch over you and keep you safe. I pray that not only would you grow stronger and bigger each day, but most of all that you would grow in the knowledge of Him who loves you more than I ever could. You are our precious gift from God and I treasure every moment that I am blessed to spend with you. I love you!

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Genevieve, what are you up to this month?…

You talk ALL day long and I feel that your language has really improved so much this month. So I decided to ask you a little about yourself. Here are some questions I asked you and how you replied.

What is your favorite color? pink

What is your favorite food? pancakes

What books do you like to read?  I got an idea. Something from that basket. Maybe that one with the little mouse on it. (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) But the boy said, no I don’t want to give the mouse a cookie and he took the cookies away.

What do you like to do at home? Run around with Jean Marie

What toys do you like to play with? the Rapunzel doll

Where do you like to go out? I like to go to Nana’s house

What do you do there? I play.

What is your favorite thing to do? Eat cookies and drink crackers

Who is your favorite person to hang out with? Daddy

What is your favorite instrument? I don’t know cause it was just in my life but I don’t know it now. And I know it now, it’s piano.

What is your favorite thing to watch? Little Einsteins

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78. both girls napping at the same time!

79. waiting for them to wake up 🙂

80. listening to Genevieve sing along to worship songs playing

81. Christmas cards

82. spending time with family

83. snow that keeps us home together

84. white lights sparkling on the tree

85. soft, new pajamas

86. little Charlotte holding and exploring new toys

87. Genevieve’s Rapunzel doll that she cannot be without

88. the dishwasher soon to be arriving

89. clean clothes to be folded

90. tiny feet that socks fall off of

91. laying on our bellies, drawing pictures together, Genevieve asking if we can draw some more

92. the smell of Christmas from our tree still standing

93. late night spent talking with John

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