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Charlotte, I am cherishing every moment with you, every snuggle, every smile and still the time is just flying by! You look so different. You are not a little newborn baby anymore. You have gotten so big! Fifteen pounds and 3 ounces to be exact. You are 25 1/2 inches long. It is time to move into the next size clothing. You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes but they don’t all fit you! Some of the one piece outfits are too short and I had to change your pants a few days ago because they were too snug around the middle. I feel like you barely got to wear these clothes and now you are ready to move on!

You love to smile and giggle. My favorite time with you is in the morning when you just wake up. After I change your diaper, you just lie there, smiling at me. I kiss your chubby cheeks and you love it.  You close your eyes and just squeal in delight. I love to look at you right after I kiss you because your eyes are still squinting and you are smiling so brightly. The best giggles come when I kiss your belly though. You get very excited. Lately, the two of us get up first and the house is so quiet. I like having that time with you.  We spend some time with the Lord together while I read the Bible aloud and then we pray together. You are so precious to me.

You love when I say “How big is Charlotte? Soooo big! You smile and laugh every time I lift your arms to to show so big. It is so cute.

(loved your chubby little cheek in this picture!)

You enjoy tummy time a lot more lately. I put the big mirror up against the couch next to you and you will spend some time on your belly looking all around the room. You like holding your toys and putting them in your mouth. You play with the wooden rattles that I bought you now. You love to put them in your mouth. You are definitely teething. Your little fingers are always in your mouth and you have even bit me a few times when nursing. I feel so badly that your little gums are hurting. I gave you a frozen washcloth to chomp on but you didn’t really like it too much.

As you are getting older, you are becoming so aware of everything that is around you. You love to look around and study everything. This has made putting you to sleep a little more difficult. You just want to know what is going on around you. You used to sleep through all the noise around you, but now it wakes you up and you want to know what is going on. We are going to have to work on having you go to sleep in the bedroom now so you can get good rest. So far whenever I put you down to sleep you wake up within a few minutes though!

I just nursed you to sleep on my bed. When your little eyes were closed I just remained still, staring, so I could soak in the sight of you, feel the up and down of your breath and drink in your sweet baby smell. I know these moments won’t last and I just want to ingrain them in my memory. Such pure joy it is to be near you. I realized that I would do it all again, the months of nausea and fatigue, the back and leg pain, the hours of labor… I would do it all again just for that moment of lying next to you in the dark, touching your soft fingers, kissing your silky head. I would do it all again for you.

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Genevieve, my princess, what are you up to this month?

Your favorite thing to do right now is play with your “rubber band dolls.” You have little princess dolls and Polly Pocket dolls that you just can’t get enough of. The first thing you do, of course, is to take of all of their clothing! Then you love to just sit and dress them all up. You will play with them all day long! You talk to them and lately you have started to have them interact with each other in whatever ways your imagination can conjure up!

We set up a tent in the living room for you and you really like to go inside it and play. The other day I watched you in there, all snuggled up, reading your Rapunzel book. It was so cute to watch you looking at the pictures and telling the story. I got the video camera and filmed you but as soon as you saw the camera, you refused to read anymore!

You are still  a strong willed little girls. You are very opinionated about what you wear and will still only wear a little summer dress when we are home! Once in a while you will let me put a bow in your hair now. Sometimes you ask for pig tails. You look so different with your hair up, especially since it is such a rare occurrence!

We took you to see a children’s theater production of Cinderella last weekend. You were so excited when I told you about it and you asked me what dress did I think Cinderella would like for you to wear! You loved watching the show and behaved like a little lady. You were so serious; it was like you didn’t want to miss a thing. After the show we were able to meet the characters and take pictures with them. You would only take a picture with Cinderella and her stepsisters. You liked their dresses. 🙂

You are so much fun Genevieve. You keep us laughing all day. You are also quite a handful. You certainly don’t make things easy for us! We resort to bribery quite a bit with you! You like to climb on the furniture and get into all kinds of trouble. You  even climb up on the dining room table. When I see you, you lift your hands up and start to sing halelujah! You know that I won’t make you get down if you do that!

A few weeks ago, you were playing and I heard you say, “Oh, heck!” So I explained to you that was not a very nice word to say. You continued to play with your toys while you answered, “well, God gave me lips so that I can talk!” You are too smart for your own good! You are very quick like your daddy!

Last week you were the only child who came to music class, so instead you had your very first piano lesson. It looked like you and Miss Janet had a lot of fun in there. In the middle of the lesson, you ran out of the room and we had to convince you to go back in. You feel very comfortable at the music school. When you are there you run around, sit at the front desk and act pretty crazy. We have been practicing piano every day since your lesson. You are getting especially good at playing the black keys in groups of two and three.

It is so much fun being your mommy. I feel so blessed. I have been recording all of the things that I am grateful for and when I read them back they are always all about you and Charlotte! You are my world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sleepy Snuggles

supervised Sleepy Snuggles (of course!)


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