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Getting Brave

“It’s pretty nice sitting out here in the sun on this soft blanket.”

“Mama, what is this green stuff over here?”

“I don’t know what it is but I don’t think I like it”

“Well, maybe I will give it another chance.”

“Is it safe Mama?”

“I’m doing it. I’m going to crawl out onto the grass.”

“I don’t really like it but I am going to keep going.”

“One hand in front of the other…”

“Maybe it’s not so bad…”

“Yup, this grass is pretty nice.”

“I could get used to this.”

“Yes, I did it!”

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about!”

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Happy Easter!

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Charlotte, you are 6 months old! You have changed so much in these 6 months that we have been so blessed to share with you. The biggest change is definitely in your mobility! This month you have started sitting all on your own. You can get into a sitting position all by yourself. It is so fun to watch you. You have also started crawling!! Really crawling! Genevieve started crawling at five months, but I really never thought you would too! I guess you just want to chase after your big sister. You love her so much. You crawl around to try to get whatever toys she is playing with. You could have ten toys in front of you that are yours and you will pass them right by to get the one thing that you should not have! How do you know!! And if I take a toy from you, you scream so loud in protest.

You and Genevieve are so cute together. My favorite thing to see is how excited you both are to see each other in the morning. You always look for Genevieve and smile so big when you see her. If we are out in the living room when Genevieve wakes up, she runs out to greet you. Genevieve loves to make you smile and for some reason that louder and rougher she is, the more you giggle!  She just cracks you up!

Charlotte, I am so excited that you like to say mamamama! I know that you aren’t really calling me but it is still very special to me that you say that. (I did start prompting you from birth!!)

I baked you a cake for your half birthday- well, half a cake! It was a carrot pineapple cake. Although you didn’t get to eat any cake, it was wonderful for us to celebrate your life. We are just so grateful for you. It was also our five year wedding anniversary. Five years ago we never could have imagined how blessed we would be to have two beautiful little girls. We loved celebrating such a special day with you.

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Each time that I sit down to record these gifts from God, I am amazed at His goodness. As I think about the things that I am grateful for, it makes the things that I so often complain about seem so trivial. How can I complain when I have so much. When I think about these abundant blessings, I realize that there should be constant praise flowing from within me. I don’t deserve anything, yet each day He lavishes His love upon me with gift after gift… And sometimes I miss them. Actually, I often miss them. Oh Lord, help me to see You, to see Your love poured out for me throughout each day, in the small things and the big things.

106. whispering in the dark

107. everyone together celebrating Nana’s birthday… with strawberry shortcake

108. Charlotte laughing and smiling during music class

109. sitting in the still, quiet morning with my Bible and my prayers

110. watching Genevieve playing her first “round of golf” at The Little Gym

111. seeing Charlotte rolling, crawling and sitting up

112. two strong, healthy girls

113. a much needed haircut for me

114. a first haircut for Genevieve

115. my hardworking husband who takes such good care of his family and never complains about all that he has to do

116. time spent talking to a friend about everything and nothing

117. scarves that become long hair, turning Genevieve into Rapunzel

118. watching Genevieve do one more twirl

119. a walk around the block with a sleeping baby and a curious girl

120. family that I know loves my daughters as much as I do

121. lunch with all five girls- mom, sis, me, g and c!

122. healthy chocolate smoothies for breakfast

123. church with my family and getting to enjoy it because Charlotte stayed asleep and Genevieve was a little angel

124. John’s good grades

125. listening to Genevieve practice piano and seeing her excitement as she looks through her piano book at what she might play next

126. a great piano teacher who is inspiring Genevieve to love to play

127. pictures of sunsets on the beach

128. excitement over {another} Polly Pocket

129. mom who helps with my never ending laundry piles

130. kicking the soccer ball with Genevieve and Pop Pop

131. first baths together in the tub, Charlotte splashing Genevieve

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