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Look Who’s Standing



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In Love

Charlotte Elizabeth

8 1/2 months

I am so in love with this girl! That smile, those cheeks, those dimples, those eyes!

And I love how you can see those teeth coming in! The top two are almost through.

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Once Upon a Dream

Here is Genevieve Grace, age 3 1/2, singing “Once Upon a Dream” at the Music Academy of Garden City Recital and Awards Dinner.

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Dance Recital

Genevieve’s first dance recital was this past weekend. She loved being on stage. Here she is on the left and Jean Marie is right next to her.

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DSC_0471 DSC_0473 DSC_0467

Waving bye bye

Standing on your own

Eating some more foods. Your favorite is mango. You only eat once or maybe twice a day. Usually you will eat a little bit at breakfast and I offer you food at dinner but you don’t usually want anything.

Size 6-12 month clothes, 6-12 month Pedipeds

Favorite thing to say is da da da… but you also say ba ba (which sounds like bye bye so maybe that is what you are saying?!)

Love to blow raspberries

Crawl all over and pull yourself up on everything!

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