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Cape May 2012

We had a fun week in Cape May!

Both girls slept in the car during the drive down which was amazing!! Genevieve never takes a nap. But Charlotte woke her up at 6 o’clock that morning so she she was really tired.

The weather was beautiful when we arrived in Cape May. We stayed at Congress Hall, the same place we stayed when we came three years ago. Genevieve was 18 months old then, just 2 months younger than Charlotte is now. So it was fun to think about that last trip when it was just the three of us.

{Genevieve took this picture of Congress Hall one night. I’m impressed with her photography!}

We spent a little time outside on the rocking chairs while we waited for our room to be ready. Then we headed to the pool. Genevieve was so excited to get to go swimming!

It rained all day the second day that we were there. We got out early and headed to the lighthouse. We walked up to see the beach and then went inside the nature center to see some animals. Charlotte wanted to give all the animals high five. She was so cute! Genevieve loved looking at everything too.

While it continued to pour, John took Genevieve to the aviation museum. Charlotte fell asleep in the car so I just stayed in there with her. They had fun looking at the airplanes. Genevieve really loved getting to sit inside some of them!

Then Genevieve and I stopped at “The Southern Mansion” to take a look around. Charlotte woke up while we were inside and John brought her in to see too!

to be continued…


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Snow White

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Genevieve and Charlotte have really grown into two lovely little girls. I am so blessed to have them as my daughters. They bring me so much joy each day and I don’t like to be without them. There are some things that I want to remember about my girls.

Our mornings begin with Charlotte waking up super early! She has always gotten up before Genevieve but lately she is getting up really early, usually around 5:30. The most precious thing occurs when Genevieve wakes up. Charlotte and I get so excited when he hear her little feet pitter pattering across the floor. Charlotte runs to the stairs to wait for Genevieve to come down. When she comes down, Charlotte always gives her a big hug and Genevieve always has a big smile when her sister greets her. I am so happy that my girls love each other so much. It makes this mama’s heart swell to see them acting so sweetly to each other. I pray that they will always be best friends.

One of the girls’ favorite things to do is swing on the swings in the backyard. Charlotte says “Chug a chug a” when she wants daddy to do the choo choo train with her. Genevieve has just mastered the swing and can pump like a pro and swing high into the air. She is so proud of this accomplishment. And mama is glad she doesn’t have to push her anymore! Genevieve could stay on that swing all day long! It is so nice to have a backyard to play in. The girls have plenty of room to run around. Charlotte is really enjoying the sand table, although she mostly likes to dump the sand on the ground.

Charlotte is speaking so well lately! She speaks so clearly in full sentences. She is also very funny. She imitates us all and can be heard saying, “Genevieve, RIGHT NOW!” when she wants Genevieve to do something. 🙂 My favorite thing she says is “Give me a hug,” with her arms open wide. When it’s time to go to sleep she says, “need a bunny” and “need a blanket.” Sometimes she even says, “bunny need a blanket!”

Speaking of sleeping, Charlotte climbed out of her crib. So we tried taking the side off. Then she started just running out of her room. So we got some advice to try putting her mattress on the floor in the crib. She climbed out again the first night we did this. She is quite the little monkey! We still have the mattress on the floor and she is starting to sleep well in there and is not trying to climb out anymore. Genevieve has been sleeping in her bed all night too! She has such a beautiful, princess room. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in there all night? (She doesn’t! She still asks to sleep in our bed each night! I have been letting her come in and snuggle once the sun comes out.)

Genevieve plays the piano so beautifully. She practices each day and we are so impressed with her level of playing and musicality. She really loves to play and will often sit at the piano and play through songs she has learned or try to figure out songs that she likes. Sometimes practicing can be difficult, but once she has mastered a song, Genevieve is filled with pride and enjoys playing her music. She is also doing really well with reading and has been enjoying reading some simple books independently. I am very proud of the progress she has made! Her reading is becoming more fluent, which has led to her enjoying it more. She also really enjoys to draw, especially her favorite character, Tweak from the Octonauts.

There is so much more that I want to remember about this special time. I will write more when I can.

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