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Today you are six months old!

We are so blessed to have spent these six months with you. Christian, you are just the most joyful little baby. Your smile brings happiness to our hearts. All we have to do is look at you and you will smile and show us your beautiful dimples. Then you get shy and bury your head in the chest of whomever is carrying you. I love to watch you giggle when I kiss and hug you. You close your eyes and laugh. It is so sweet.


You are very active and have been crawling for more than a  month already! You love to scoot around the den and you always head straight for the things that don’t belong to you. You especially love to touch Genevieve’s books. You can sit up but you would rather be crawling. You also stood up in your crib a few days ago. It is so funny to look over at you in the crib and see your little head peering over the side!

You are getting so big! You weigh about 18 pounds and wear size 6-12 month clothing. You are a sweet and happy baby. You don’t mind being in the car seat which is very helpful when we have to go to the store or take take Genevieve to a class. You usually sleep in there or just play with your toys and look around. You used to sleep through all of church in the stroller but lately you have been staying awake. I think you don’t want to miss anything. You love to look around and take everything in. We usually have to take you out into the foyer because you like to sing and growl during the service!

We are all in love with you Christian! We call you Handsome and you certainly are! You are our sweet, sweet boy and we are so blessed to have you.



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