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Roast Chicken

I love Ina Garten. 

I really do. I love watching her cook. I love watching her entertain. And I have absolutely loved every recipe of hers that I have tried. Hearing about celebrities breaking up is so commonplace these days, but I have to say that if I ever found out that Ina and Jeffrey had called it quits I would be devastated. Those two are just so cute together. 

If you watch Barefoot Contessa, you know that Jeffrey’s favorite Friday night dinner is roast chicken. So when I was looking for a recipe for roast chicken I went straight to Ina. (We are on a first name basis.) Her recipe is called Perfect Roast Chicken and it really was… perfect and roast chicken that is. 

I made it last week and it was so good that I decided to make it again tonight. John said that it was the kind of meal that he would like to have once a week. I totally agree! The chicken was so juicy and the skin crispy. The garlic, lemon and thyme gave the gravy such delicious flavor. The carrots, onion and fennel were the perfect side. I just wanted to thank Ina.  And Ina, if you ever want to invite me over for lunch, I will be there! 

It seems like a very large portion of my life has to do with food! Planning and preparing three meals a day takes a lot of time. I guess that is why when I uploaded the most recent pictures from my camera almost all of them were of food or us eating!! 

There was this picture of the coconut flan that Genevieve and I made today:


It was delicious, by the way, and sooooo easy. (only 6 ingredients) We had it for dessert tonight. John now knows that he likes flan!

Then there was this picture of the also delicious, but not so easy, lasagna that we had earlier this week. (more like 600 ingredients)


But my favorites were the ones of Genevieve and Jean Marie eating some brown rice pasta with tomato and roasted acorn squash sauce. We caught them doing the same move!

 img_1343   img_1341


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