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No silver bells in this garden… just lettuce and broccoli!! (So far)

And so the experiment begins. How it will turn out, nobody knows! This morning my dad and I planted the beginnings of my vegetable garden. I actually enjoyed it and I am looking forward to adding some more veggies!


Here are the plants before we put them in the ground. The broccoli is on the left and the romaine on the right. There is Genevieve’s pink watering can in the background!

dsc_0214 dsc_0215

And here they are planted and watered. I think my job will be easy for the next few days because we are expecting lots of rain. I am not sure exactly what else I want to plant. I am thinking about tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers and peas or green beans. Now I just have to get those pesky cats to stay away!

dsc_0179And here is my silly little girl! She loves being outside and running around…. and making silly faces!


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