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Gingerbread House

It was our first year making a gingerbread house together, but I am sure that it will become an annual tradition. It was so much fun!

(REALITY CHECK: OK. Sometimes it was fun. When we put the candy on the roof. Or when Genevieve was busy eating the gingerbread cookies that came with the kit. The rest of the time… well, let’s just say there may have been some candy thrown on the floor and possibly even a tantrum or two. But I still loved doing it and we will definitely do it again next year!)

Day One: Daddy and Genevieve assembled the structure of the house. I have a new found respect for carpenters. It was hard to get that house to stand up straight. Maybe wood and nails are easier to work with than gingerbread and icing though!

Day Two: These two cuties got to work decorating those houses!

There was a lot of precision work involved.

And lots of decisions… Should I eat it or put it on the house?

Mmmmm….. delicious! Good decision!

Excuse me, Genevieve. I think you have some frosting  on your chin!

The finished product!

Not only is it very pretty, but it also provides sustenance to giraffes…

and little girls!


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Apple Prints

Genevieve and I took some of the apples we picked and did an art project. Genevieve was so excited to paint. We definitely have to do more painting around here! We cut an apple in half, painted it and pressed it onto the paper… Voila! Apple prints!



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Cow Time

We picked up some books about cows from the library a few weeks ago and Genevieve has been having a ball reading them. I can’t believe how much she knows about cows now! Today we did a little cow art project.

I cut out different sized squares and we used them to make a cow. We also made some grass for her to eat!


Genevieve did really well using the glue stick and had a lot of fun. At bedtime she kept saying. “when daddy comes home he will see the cow.” She was really excited about this project. When we finished she said, “I made it!” This really encouraged me to try some other simple art projects with Genevieve, especially now that the weather is getting colder and we will be spending more time indoors. The only problem will be finding a place to put it all!


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