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Today you are six months old!

We are so blessed to have spent these six months with you. Christian, you are just the most joyful little baby. Your smile brings happiness to our hearts. All we have to do is look at you and you will smile and show us your beautiful dimples. Then you get shy and bury your head in the chest of whomever is carrying you. I love to watch you giggle when I kiss and hug you. You close your eyes and laugh. It is so sweet.


You are very active and have been crawling for more than a  month already! You love to scoot around the den and you always head straight for the things that don’t belong to you. You especially love to touch Genevieve’s books. You can sit up but you would rather be crawling. You also stood up in your crib a few days ago. It is so funny to look over at you in the crib and see your little head peering over the side!

You are getting so big! You weigh about 18 pounds and wear size 6-12 month clothing. You are a sweet and happy baby. You don’t mind being in the car seat which is very helpful when we have to go to the store or take take Genevieve to a class. You usually sleep in there or just play with your toys and look around. You used to sleep through all of church in the stroller but lately you have been staying awake. I think you don’t want to miss anything. You love to look around and take everything in. We usually have to take you out into the foyer because you like to sing and growl during the service!

We are all in love with you Christian! We call you Handsome and you certainly are! You are our sweet, sweet boy and we are so blessed to have you.



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Six weeks!

My little mushy baby is 6 weeks old! And you are not so little! We took you to the doctor and you weigh 13 pounds 6 ounces! You are in the 97th percentile for weight. You were 23 inches long. You grew 2 inched and gained over 4 pounds in just over a month. I knew you were feeling heavy in my arms!

You are starting to get a lot more social and I can see the beginnings of some sweet little smiles. You are also not sleeping as easily as you were! I try to lay you down and you often wake right up or sleep for only 10 minutes or so.


The girls both have colds and we are praying that you stay healthy. It might be hard because they just want to snuggle you all day long. 🙂

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Genevieve and Charlotte have really grown into two lovely little girls. I am so blessed to have them as my daughters. They bring me so much joy each day and I don’t like to be without them. There are some things that I want to remember about my girls.

Our mornings begin with Charlotte waking up super early! She has always gotten up before Genevieve but lately she is getting up really early, usually around 5:30. The most precious thing occurs when Genevieve wakes up. Charlotte and I get so excited when he hear her little feet pitter pattering across the floor. Charlotte runs to the stairs to wait for Genevieve to come down. When she comes down, Charlotte always gives her a big hug and Genevieve always has a big smile when her sister greets her. I am so happy that my girls love each other so much. It makes this mama’s heart swell to see them acting so sweetly to each other. I pray that they will always be best friends.

One of the girls’ favorite things to do is swing on the swings in the backyard. Charlotte says “Chug a chug a” when she wants daddy to do the choo choo train with her. Genevieve has just mastered the swing and can pump like a pro and swing high into the air. She is so proud of this accomplishment. And mama is glad she doesn’t have to push her anymore! Genevieve could stay on that swing all day long! It is so nice to have a backyard to play in. The girls have plenty of room to run around. Charlotte is really enjoying the sand table, although she mostly likes to dump the sand on the ground.

Charlotte is speaking so well lately! She speaks so clearly in full sentences. She is also very funny. She imitates us all and can be heard saying, “Genevieve, RIGHT NOW!” when she wants Genevieve to do something. 🙂 My favorite thing she says is “Give me a hug,” with her arms open wide. When it’s time to go to sleep she says, “need a bunny” and “need a blanket.” Sometimes she even says, “bunny need a blanket!”

Speaking of sleeping, Charlotte climbed out of her crib. So we tried taking the side off. Then she started just running out of her room. So we got some advice to try putting her mattress on the floor in the crib. She climbed out again the first night we did this. She is quite the little monkey! We still have the mattress on the floor and she is starting to sleep well in there and is not trying to climb out anymore. Genevieve has been sleeping in her bed all night too! She has such a beautiful, princess room. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in there all night? (She doesn’t! She still asks to sleep in our bed each night! I have been letting her come in and snuggle once the sun comes out.)

Genevieve plays the piano so beautifully. She practices each day and we are so impressed with her level of playing and musicality. She really loves to play and will often sit at the piano and play through songs she has learned or try to figure out songs that she likes. Sometimes practicing can be difficult, but once she has mastered a song, Genevieve is filled with pride and enjoys playing her music. She is also doing really well with reading and has been enjoying reading some simple books independently. I am very proud of the progress she has made! Her reading is becoming more fluent, which has led to her enjoying it more. She also really enjoys to draw, especially her favorite character, Tweak from the Octonauts.

There is so much more that I want to remember about this special time. I will write more when I can.

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Charlotte, you are 11 months old and you are such a delightful baby!

You are truly the sweetest, most joyful little girl. From the moment you wake up you are smiling and talking. You are so friendly. Whenever we go anywhere you wave and say hi to everyone. Sometimes if someone comes over to see you then you act shy and put your head down on me. I just want to remember all of the sweet and cute little things you do, just how you look, how your soft, chubby cheeks feel. I know just my words and pictures can’t truly capture you… I treasure every moment that I have with you.

You are quite the wild one Charlotte! You climb on everything! You are almost over the baby gate. You love to climb up on Genevieve’s chairs and onto her little table. You are truly fearless. You still love going to the Little Gym. You have so much fun there because you can climb wherever you want! You love to hang from the bars. You just giggle and giggle while you hang. You also love to go outside and run around on the grass. You pick up leaves and twigs and try to eat them. You get so excited when you are on the grass and you try to run and run. Then you start to topple over! It is so cute to watch.

What a big girl you are! You are growing out of your 12 month clothes and your 6-12 month Pedipeds barely fit you! I am not sure exactly how much you weigh. We will bring you to the doctor soon to find out. You are starting to eat a lot more now. You still prefer finger food, so that is what I try to give you more of. You are quite independent!

In Psalm 127 verse 3 it says “Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Charlotte, you and Genevieve have blessed us more than I ever could have imagined. You truly are a precious gift from Him. I love you.




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Charlotte, now you have been out in the world for more of your life than you were in the womb. You are growing so fast! You love to interact with us and you are just so cute! My favorite thing that you do is snuggle with me when I hold you. You will put your head on my shoulder. It only lasts a few seconds, but I treasure it.

So, what else are you up to? At 9 months, you…

  • weigh 18 pounds 8 ounces
  • are 24 3/4 inches long
  • stand on your own, without holding on to anything
  • wave and say hi or bye bye
  • say dada and pop pop
  • sign “tree”
  • love to smile and giggle but you also…
  • scream a lot! You scream when we put you in the high chair, when I take something from you that you shouldn’t have, when it is time to sleep….
  • have four teeth
  • eat three meals a day. Your favorite thing to eat is mango. You also love the little freeze dried fruit puffs we give you

DSC_0422 DSC_0528 DSC_0553 DSC_0567

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DSC_0471 DSC_0473 DSC_0467

Waving bye bye

Standing on your own

Eating some more foods. Your favorite is mango. You only eat once or maybe twice a day. Usually you will eat a little bit at breakfast and I offer you food at dinner but you don’t usually want anything.

Size 6-12 month clothes, 6-12 month Pedipeds

Favorite thing to say is da da da… but you also say ba ba (which sounds like bye bye so maybe that is what you are saying?!)

Love to blow raspberries

Crawl all over and pull yourself up on everything!

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Charlotte, you are 7 months old today!

You weigh 17 pounds 10 ounces and you are 27 inches long. You are such a big girl! You are crawling all over the place like a pro. You are also pulling up and even starting to cruise. You love to stand up next to the couch and try to reach things. Thankfully you have now learned how to get down, although you sometimes still fall. We had to move you to the pack and play to sleep now because it was too dangerous in your crib. You kept falling down in there.

Charlotte, you are a sweet, happy girl. You are also very energetic. You are always moving which makes it really difficult to change your diaper! You twist and turn and make it very challenging for us. It is also very tricky getting you dressed. You just keep us on our toes. 🙂

You started to talk a lot this past week. You love making these throaty ahhhh sounds. Now you are babbling a lot more, saying babababa or dadadada. I love hearing your sweet little voice.

You are starting to get attached to your mama. Sometimes you cry when I leave the room. I am pretty attached to you too. 🙂

We started to give you some solid food this month. You have eaten avocado, banana and egg yolks. I have also given you little tastes of some other vegetables we have been eating. You seem to like the foods so far. We are letting you just have fun with it and you are so cute to watch. I slice the avocado into thin strips and give them to you. You pick them up in your little fists and you manage to get some in your mouth. (and everywhere else!)

You bring so much joy to our lives each and every day. I love you sweet Charlotte!

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