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132. boxes filled and stacked

133. old toys found become new

134. naps in swings

135. time talking with my sister sitting outside on a sunny day

136. family dinner together

137. an entry into the writing competition completed

138. little Charlotte standing like a big girl

139. the hum of the refrigerator keeping food cold

140. watching Genevieve trying on her flower girl dress

141. sleeping in between two little girls

142. dad coming over every day to help me pack

143. baby James’ long hair and big smile

144. cousins talking through a door

145. puzzle pieces scattered on the floor

146. the sound of feet running overhead

147. one bottom tooth poking through and the second on the way

148. playing peek a boo with a giggling girl

149. two girls having fun with an empty box


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Each time that I sit down to record these gifts from God, I am amazed at His goodness. As I think about the things that I am grateful for, it makes the things that I so often complain about seem so trivial. How can I complain when I have so much. When I think about these abundant blessings, I realize that there should be constant praise flowing from within me. I don’t deserve anything, yet each day He lavishes His love upon me with gift after gift… And sometimes I miss them. Actually, I often miss them. Oh Lord, help me to see You, to see Your love poured out for me throughout each day, in the small things and the big things.

106. whispering in the dark

107. everyone together celebrating Nana’s birthday… with strawberry shortcake

108. Charlotte laughing and smiling during music class

109. sitting in the still, quiet morning with my Bible and my prayers

110. watching Genevieve playing her first “round of golf” at The Little Gym

111. seeing Charlotte rolling, crawling and sitting up

112. two strong, healthy girls

113. a much needed haircut for me

114. a first haircut for Genevieve

115. my hardworking husband who takes such good care of his family and never complains about all that he has to do

116. time spent talking to a friend about everything and nothing

117. scarves that become long hair, turning Genevieve into Rapunzel

118. watching Genevieve do one more twirl

119. a walk around the block with a sleeping baby and a curious girl

120. family that I know loves my daughters as much as I do

121. lunch with all five girls- mom, sis, me, g and c!

122. healthy chocolate smoothies for breakfast

123. church with my family and getting to enjoy it because Charlotte stayed asleep and Genevieve was a little angel

124. John’s good grades

125. listening to Genevieve practice piano and seeing her excitement as she looks through her piano book at what she might play next

126. a great piano teacher who is inspiring Genevieve to love to play

127. pictures of sunsets on the beach

128. excitement over {another} Polly Pocket

129. mom who helps with my never ending laundry piles

130. kicking the soccer ball with Genevieve and Pop Pop

131. first baths together in the tub, Charlotte splashing Genevieve

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78. both girls napping at the same time!

79. waiting for them to wake up 🙂

80. listening to Genevieve sing along to worship songs playing

81. Christmas cards

82. spending time with family

83. snow that keeps us home together

84. white lights sparkling on the tree

85. soft, new pajamas

86. little Charlotte holding and exploring new toys

87. Genevieve’s Rapunzel doll that she cannot be without

88. the dishwasher soon to be arriving

89. clean clothes to be folded

90. tiny feet that socks fall off of

91. laying on our bellies, drawing pictures together, Genevieve asking if we can draw some more

92. the smell of Christmas from our tree still standing

93. late night spent talking with John

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65. holiday photos of hugging sisters

66. stockings hanging in a row with a new addition this year

67. sitting on the floor with Genevieve, playing board games

68. finally getting to go grocery shopping

69. listening to Genevieve belt out Away in a Manger

70. kneading dough for sugar cookies with Genevieve

71. daddy home for dinner each night

72. Winter break from law school

73. watching Charlotte suckle in her sleep and Genevieve saying she’s dreaming about milkies

74. a sister who loves and cherishes my girls

75. Charlotte looking at her hands, clasping them together, putting them in her mouth

76. the quiet

77. the noise of two joyful, exuberant and energetic girls

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50. watching little Charlotte take slow, deep breaths after a few days of holding her close as she struggled with each breath

52. sharing hot chocolate with Genevieve

53. soft, fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm

54. pretending to sip tea with Genevieve from her new tea set

55. smiles from Charlotte that show all of her gums

56. holding Charlotte close as she sleeps, knowing she feels safe in my arms

57. watching Genevieve gently dressing her baby doll, talking to her sweetly as she works

58. a God who delights in seeing His children learn and grow, just as I delight in seeing mine

59. the sun shining through our windows on a cold day as we snuggle together in a warm house

60. listening to Genevieve sing Silent Night

61. that wondrous silent night when the Savior arrived

62. watching Genevieve and her daddy make cupcakes

63. matching ruby red dresses for my girls

64. Genevieve kissing Charlotte’s feet each time she passes by

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#35. a quiet, peaceful house

#36. reading the Bible with Genevieve and her asking to read more

#37. watching Charlotte look at her big sister

#38. homemade chicken broth

#39. pancakes for dinner

#40. a mom who runs errands for me, even on a cold, rainy day

#41. Charlotte asleep in the sling, snuggled up close, as I prepare dinner

#42. dancing with Genevieve each morning to worship music to put Charlotte to sleep

#43. sleeping in with Genevieve in my arms while John takes care of Charlotte

#44. red and golden leaves

#45. knowing that nothing I do or don’t do can change the way my God feels about me

#46. limitless love

#47. abounding grace

#48. listening to the sound of Genevieve and Charlotte breathing as they sleep peacefully

#49. wrapped presents waiting for the birthday girl

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one thousand gifts

holy experience

#1. the sound of my sweet nursling’s cry

#2. knowing God has designed me with all she needs to be nourished and soothed

#3. late night giggles of a little girl up past her bedtime

#4. spicy tuna rolls for lunch

#5. snuggling with my slumbering sweeties in the dark

#6. dinner with family

#7. cousins who love each other

#8. reading the bible before bed with Genevieve and Jean Marie

#9. nighttime snack with hubby

#10. new glasses

#11. homemade zucchini bread in the freezer, perfect for a quick breakfast

#12. Charlotte’s smiles and happy sounds

#13. the way Genevieve says the word yellow, from yehyo to lehlow to wellow

#14. Charlotte’s chubby, soft, kissable cheeks

#15.that spiral curl that falls in Genevieve’s face

#16. John coming home before bedtime

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