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Cape May 2012

We had a fun week in Cape May!

Both girls slept in the car during the drive down which was amazing!! Genevieve never takes a nap. But Charlotte woke her up at 6 o’clock that morning so she she was really tired.

The weather was beautiful when we arrived in Cape May. We stayed at Congress Hall, the same place we stayed when we came three years ago. Genevieve was 18 months old then, just 2 months younger than Charlotte is now. So it was fun to think about that last trip when it was just the three of us.

{Genevieve took this picture of Congress Hall one night. I’m impressed with her photography!}

We spent a little time outside on the rocking chairs while we waited for our room to be ready. Then we headed to the pool. Genevieve was so excited to get to go swimming!

It rained all day the second day that we were there. We got out early and headed to the lighthouse. We walked up to see the beach and then went inside the nature center to see some animals. Charlotte wanted to give all the animals high five. She was so cute! Genevieve loved looking at everything too.

While it continued to pour, John took Genevieve to the aviation museum. Charlotte fell asleep in the car so I just stayed in there with her. They had fun looking at the airplanes. Genevieve really loved getting to sit inside some of them!

Then Genevieve and I stopped at “The Southern Mansion” to take a look around. Charlotte woke up while we were inside and John brought her in to see too!

to be continued…


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Cape May… Continued


Here it is- Part 2 of our Cape May trip. John booked this trip and he decided we should stay at Congress Hall. I am glad that I listened to him because we really had a great experience staying there. Genevieve especially loved it. There was a cute little Koi Pond out by the pool.


You can see some of the fish in the background here. Genevieve would have stood here all day watching those fish!


We took a trolley tour of the historic district of Cape May. It was really interesting to learn about all the different architecture and some history of the town as well. Genevieve did great on the trolley. The tour was 45 minutes long and she sat so nicely on my lap for the entire time. I guess the Elmo crackers helped a bit!


We took a ride over to the Cape May lighthouse and Genevieve and I climbed all 199 steps to the top! Well, I carried Genevieve up (and down) all 199 steps actually. I was pretty tired on the way up and it helped to stop at the windows to take a little rest. It is not easy climbing all those steps while carrying 22+ pounds!! The way down was actually worse for me. It definitely wasn’t as difficult but it was a lot scarier. John took the easy way out and waited for us at the bottom.  As we were on the way up I started to get a little worried that Genevieve would be scared once we got to the top because she didn’t like looking out of the windows. As soon as we stepped outside, the wind hit us very strongly. Genevieve loved it! She pointed to everything around and we enjoyed the view from way up there.  I didn’t get the greatest pictures, but this one shows what it looked like.


On Wednesday John thought it would be fun to rent bicycles and go for a ride. We thought that Genevieve would really enjoy it. I convinced John to rent one of these instead:


People were riding all over Cape May in them and they looked like they were having so much fun! Well, those people must have been athletes or just plain old superhuman because pedaling those heavy wagons around is hard work! (Well, that is what John tells me. Apparently I wasn’t contributing much!) Besides the fact that our thighs were burning after about 30 seconds, Genevieve absolutely detested the thing. She cried the entire time!

So we decided to take the wagon back and trade it in for some regular bicycles. Genevieve screamed her head off on that too! We left the parking lot and I tried to ride alongside her to cheer her up. We were only a half a block away and it started to rain… oh well! Maybe next year we will try again!

One of Genevieve’s favorite things to do was play with the water fountains along the outdoor mall. She looks like she is going to drink the water in the second picture!

IMG_2052 IMG_2053

Genevieve’s other favorite thing was the view from the window in the hall outside of our room. When we would walk out the door each day, Genevieve would start squealing in delight to see that window. Outside she could see the pool and the ocean. (I know that is not the best picture. I took it the day we left and it rained the entire day!)


On the way home Genevieve slept almost the entire time. She must have been worn out! Here she is when she woke up- well rested and happy!


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Cape May

We’re back from Cape May! We had such a wonderful time being away for a few days. The weather wasn’t as great as we were hoping for, but it really didn’t matter. The best thing was that we were all together! Genevieve absolutely loved being on vacation. She would wake up every morning, find her shoes, run to the door and say “bye bye.” The girl knows how to have fun.


We did get to go in the pool the first and second days that we were there. We were really happy about that because we wanted Genevieve to have a chance to go swimming. She really loved being in the water. Even when her lips were blue she didn’t want to get out!


Genevieve loved splashing around the water. There was a window right outside our room that faced the pool and the ocean and every time we would walk out there and see it Genevieve would start squealing! All she wanted to do was go back there.

IMG_1977We had a nice time on Tuesday just sitting by the side of the pool for a little bit after Genevieve did some swimming. The sun was out and it ended up being a lovely day. We were blessed to have a little sunshine to break up all the clouds and rain we’ve been having.

We got a lot done on Tuesday actually because Genevieve woke up SUPER early! First we had breakfast outside.


Then we walked on the beach.


We took a ride over to the Cape May Zoo.  It is a really beautiful zoo with lots of animals that you get to see up close. IMG_1969The most memorable thing for all of us was definitely the lion. This guy walked out of his little house, right up to the fence and started roaring like he was putting on a show. It was pretty amazing to be so close to that majestic creature and hear that powerful roar. It scared Genevieve- she hung on to John and said “all done,” but now she talks about that lion all the time. (and the crocodile!) I took a video of the lion roaring and Genevieve loved watching it when we got home.


The zoo was so pretty and after all that we still got to go back to the hotel and go in the pool for a bit.

Wednesday we went to the airplane museum. That was pretty fun. They had some nice hands-on exhibits that Genevieve was able to enjoy.




Here she is with the wind blowing on her! She was having a blast!

More to come…

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