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Sweet Dreams

As I am putting Christian to sleep, Charlotte comes in the room as she often does and says, “Mama, can I pray for him?”

“Of course,” I answer.

She lays her hand upon his head and begins. “Dear Jesus, Help Christian to not have bad dreams. Help him to dream about princesses and Ariel. Amen”

Then she kisses him sweetly on the head.


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This is the way we…

…fall asleep



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My Genevieve


Every time I look at you I can’t help but notice all of these changes. Changes that have taken you from my precious little baby to a beautiful little girl. Your legs are long and lean. Your chubby cheeks have given way to a more mature face. Your golden brown hair is making its way down your back. (which of course you are thrilled about!)

Time is going so quickly that I find myself counting the years that I have left with you. Fourteen more years until college. Nine more years until you are a teenager and you might not be interested in spending that much time with us! I know I’m crazy but it’s a good reminder to cherish each day, each minute that I have with you. It won’t be long until you won’t want to sneak into our bed anymore. And you won’t always need us to tuck you in 800 times each night. So instead of being frustrated that you are out of bed AGAIN I just want to cherish that opportunity to give you one more squeeze and tell you how precious you are to me one more time.

So I pray that God would just help me to be patient and see each moment with you as a gift. Because eventually you will stay in your seat for an entire meal. And then one day you won’t be around for dinner with us anymore. So for now let me lovingly remind you to eat your veggies and please be still and stop blowing bubbles in your drink… while I still have you here. For all too soon you will be grown and will be off sharing dinner with someone else.

I just want you to know how very much I love you Genevieve.


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Charlotte 23 Months!


My sweet, sweet Charlotte! You are 23 months old. Almost 2 years old.

You are the most fiery, sweet, loving little thing. You give the best hugs, snuggles and kisses. You have the most infectious laugh. You are compassionate and kind. You are so sweet to your sister and brother.


When Genevieve comes down in the morning you run to her and hug her. You love to hug Christian and just smile and giggle whenever you are near him. If someone is upset, you will go over and ask what is wrong and lovingly stroke them to make them feel better.

You also have quite a temper! If you don’t get your way, you scream and throw yourself on the ground. You also like to hit. Genevieve is often your target! She has to run away from you quite a bit.

We love you so much Charlotte. I can’t imagine life without you.  DSC_1528

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Getting Wet

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